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How to make more video content, with less

We talk to a lot of clients about bringing content ideas to life

Most people know they need engaging content, but there are often roadblocks in the way. Sometimes it’s budgets getting squeezed, or a lack of equipment. Sometimes you have the enthusiasm internally, but not the actual skills to make it happen.

Generally it ends one of these ways:

1. Content goes straight to the ‘too hard’ basket and never gets made.
2. Content gets made in-house, but it’s not the quality you need to achieve your objectives.
3. You outsource the content to a professional agency and it ends up costing a fortune.

What if we told you we had a better solution?

Imagine the look on your marketing team’s faces if you told them you could create more content, with less money and the quality doesn’t suck. There is a way! It’s all about leveraging different skill sets.

Your company already has staff. And within every team there are latent skills: photography maestros, public speaking buffs, communication wizzes, subject matter experts, and digital & content natives.

Just look around your office (or on your Zoom call) and think, ‘who could be contributing to our marketing communications content’?

Once you have the people in mind – all it takes is a creative partner to facilitate it. That’s where we come in.

Co-productions. You capture, we create.

The simplest and most affordable way to create more content, for less, is by activating the latent creative talent in your team. And honing it with the support it needs. 

We call this type of content creation: a co-production. 

In simple terms, it means:

  • We partner with you across your content creation lifecycle 
  • You use your team’s expertise and physical location – to record content
  • You use our team’s creative, strategic and technical skills – to edit 
  • And we create the content together.

Co-productions in 4 simple steps


Step 1:

We identify what you and your team have at your disposal. We then fill in any gaps with a flexible plan of training, equipment and support.


Step 2:

Our team will help you create content by following our simple co-production framework. You can learn, plan, shoot and upload footage on our platform.


Step 3:

Get on with your day while your content is crafted by a professional editor. You’ll receive a link as soon as it’s ready to review!


Step 4:

Download your finished file and share your content with the world! Or we can help ensure it’s seen by the right people at the right time.

Why you need co-production

The way we use agencies and production companies is changing – few companies have the time or budget to outsource, or insource, all the content they need. 

There is no better time to co-produce your own content, with FoSho CREW.

Make more content, with the same budget
By taking some of the production process in-house you’re essentially cutting your costs in half. You don’t need to go to the expense of recruiting and managing your own content team or developing streamlined production methods (this can take years). You don’t need to pay for a production company or invest in expensive equipment and software subscriptions. We’ve already done all of that for you. You just film the footage, at a time that suits you and your team (not when it suits a production company!) and leave the creative editing to us.

Investing in your team
This is professional development for your key staff. As the world moves more online we’re only going to see more demand for video content, and having these skills in-house can help you stay ahead of the curve. Every project is fed back into the training and improvement loop so your internal capabilities just get better and better!

You can work entirely remotely
One of the best things about co-productions is they can be completely remote. That includes the training, the development, the production and the post-production, so this is available to anyone, anywhere. Every FoSho CREW client has a dedicated Producer who will be your central point of contact and fully really get to know you, your market, your audience, and your brand. 

Save time 
It often seems like a timesaver to fully outsource your content to an external agency. But have you ever added up the hours you still spend with the agency to organise diaries, write scripts, and correct errors with your branding? With co-productions you can get the pre-production elements down to a fine art that can be completed in minutes, not days.

Your staff and customers are more comfortable
Sometimes people don’t love being on camera. But this way, the people fronting your videos can work with people they already know in the organisation, people they’re comfortable with, to capture the content. This often lends itself to more natural and confident delivery. 

The best use of everyone’s skills 
Ultimately, the best use cases for FoSho CREW use your internal knowledge and expertise, and our creative planning, production know-how and post-production skills, and merge them together. So you have strategic, professionally crafted content, at a fraction of the cost.

Training / equipment / support

So, now you’ve got the theory, but how does this look in practice? Good question. All FoSho CREW co-productions come with a tailored package of support. 

This involves identifying latent content abilities in your team – and upskilling them! It might mean nurturing someone’s interest in photography or smartphone videos, or honing communication skills to help people craft an idea for content, develop a script, or present on screen. For some companies it’s enough to train one member of staff, and others want to go full hulk and train up a whole team.

There’s no single solution for gear, so we advise individually. We all know someone who can be described as ‘all the gear with no idea’. But generally all that’s needed for most teams to get started is small additions of affordable equipment like teleprompters and microphones. For companies who want to go the extra mile we can also advise how to adjust a space within your office to become a mini production studio.

Someone to talk to is key. With FoSho CREW you have a specialist expert team at your disposal: for advice, to develop ideas with, for feedback, and to troubleshoot any issues. The FoSho team has a combined 30+ years of experience with production, editing, strategy and communication and we’re genuinely passionate about seeing more great content get made.

Content: captured in-house, crafted together

With FoSho CREW we’re able to create more content, with less, by splitting up the production process. Some content we do together, some you do solo, and some we do in our studio. We can be an external sounding board for development and pre-production. Then you handle the content capture, at a time that suits you. And we handle the edit. It’s the most effective use of everyone’s skills at half the cost. 

And the best bit? The more you create the better it gets. 

Because we have an ongoing relationship with your team, we get to know you and your brand inside out and we are continually improving, streamlining, and increasing the effectiveness of your content. At the same time, the knowledge and content skills within your organisation are constantly developing. 

And the biggest and best impact? Your ideas don’t stay ideas – they actually get off the ground and get made. So you’ve got regular, high quality content to meet your objectives.  

You capture, we create. 

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